What we are good at .

- Achieve our objectives with absolute regard for safety & environmental protection

- Carry out business ethically

- People first, personnel development and success reward

- Communication is prime


Our company

ACIMS is the number one maritime solutions and construction engineering provider to government, businesses and shipping companies around the Gulf of Guinea zone (covering West Africa and Central Africa) and Southern Africa.

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We do our best to provide to our customers the highest level of service. Safety and environmental protection is a core to our business to ensure that it isn't compromised.

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Our Vision

To expand and diversify our quality and service principles while meeting our customers' expectations and the challenges in the market.

Our Mission

To enhance our services with absolute safety and maintain an optimum performance of our activities in executing our services.


Our Values

Our reputation is leveled on the high performance of our fleet and related services. Our priority is Safety and environmental protection as we strive to attain our objectives.

Safety & Environmental protection first

Excellent Performance




High performance of our fleet.

We deliver excellence

We do what is right

We honor our commitments

We value and respect each other