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Agape shipping – No. 1 Vessel Chartering Services in the Gulf of Guinea
June 4, 2020
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June 30, 2020
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Agape Offshore Welding Services

Agape Construction & Inter-Maritime Services offers a wide range of welding and manufacturing services to meet the demands of its clients. Our welding engineers & certified welders meet the highest quality standards you can find around to consistently provide quality jobs.

ACIMS uses advanced control procedures to ensure that resources used are in compliance with specifications and standards. The offshore welding team is innovative and always strive to be the best when it comes to custom-made fabrications.

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What makes our offshore welding services different

  • We have a team of certified welding engineers and technicians who are able to weld to precision.
  • We have also invested in machinery that enhances our ability to weld to specification.
  • We do inspection and quality assessment for all our welding projects.
  • ACIMS is a fabrication partner you can depend on for reliability, high quality, timely production and delivery.

Welding experts in Agape Construction & Inter-maritime Services are also specialized in offshore fabrication and installation, structural steel and pipe repairs. All their welders are ABS certified. We also weld structural components for all types of vessels, oil platforms, pipelines and other types of marine structure.

For several years now, we have offered successful welding and fabrication services to maritime projects, ship repair companies and offshore petroleum platforms. Our welders pay close attention to detail and ensure that your welding works meet acceptable quality and standards. The finishing quality of our welding process is of high priority.

Offshore welding in the Gulf of Guinea

We can fabricate designs from normal sketches to detailed computer-generated drawings. If you need a design support for your project, our in-house engineers can supply you with models and detailed drawings.

We are good at what we do, hence we offer high quality welding services for both offshore and maritime industry. Our welders are AWS-D11/6GR certified and are available to work anywhere within the Gulf of Guinea area including Angola.

With many years of experience, skills and knowledge, we know most of the requirements and needs of offshore companies when it comes to welding, fabrication and installations.

ACIMS welding service specializes in the design, fabrication, installation and supply of high quality welding services and welded products for the oil and gas industry. Our certified welders are committed to deliver efficient and clean results to ensure that the project outcome is successful.

Agape Construction & Inter-maritime Services’ offshore welding department offers a wide range of qualified and certified offshore welders for hot jobs and construction services in the oil and gas sector.

Agape shipping – No. 1 Vessel Chartering Services in the Gulf of Guinea

ACIMS offshore welding services include:

  • Class certified welders and offshore teams
  • Offshore fabrication and installation
  • Oilfield fabrication and welding
  • Steel and pipe renewals
  • Platform / rig upgrades and modification
  • Emergency repairs (Mob/Demob services)
  • Skidding arrangements
  • Barge repairs
  • Engineering designs
  • Custom-made sub-sea constructions

ACIMS offshore welding service is committed to safety. We make sure we provide the safest work environment for our welders and strive continuously for improvement with zero incidents. We ensure our productivity doesn’t compromise safety.

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