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June 19, 2020
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Welding Services in Douala – Agape Welding Services

welding services in Douala

Agape Welding Service one of the best welding services in Douala and Cameroon in general. It’s a service under Agape Construction and Inter-Maritime Services, ACIMS. You can take a look at the various services offered by ACIMS.

Agape Welding Services offers an extensive list of services ranging from fabrication, welding and metal works for industrial, commercial, offshore oil and gas industries and marine customers.

With our many years of experience in industrial welding and fabrication, we have accumulated a lot of expertise and experience necessary to work with all safety rules respected and at a very competitive price.

We offer a mobile welding department with certified expert welders and metal workers who are ready to travel to your location in an emergency situation. Our emergency welding services work 24/7.

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Our welding services in Douala

Below is a list of the various welding services that we offer at Agape Construction and Inter-Maritime Services:

  • Structural steel welding
  • Mobile welding services
  • Industrial fabrication
  • Pipe and stainless steel welding
  • Metal construction and farm equipment

Premier welding services in Douala

Agape Welding Services offers exceptional specialty industrial welding services in Douala. They carry out repair, maintenance and installation services. We have a qualified group of field welders, craft personnel, supervisors and managers with many years of experience in the welding sector.

Welding quality control

Professional industrial welders are supposed to adhere to high quality standards in the welding industry. The results can be very dangerous if safety standards are not respected. This is why we make sure our welders carefully carries out tests to adhere to quality and safety standards of the industry.

Our welders

Our team is able to address customers’ requirements through high quality service delivered. That is why customers prefer to request for our welding services in Douala. We make sure all of our welders are qualified and provide a wide range of welding services.

We ensure our welders are routinely trained, tested and re-certified to meet the exact specifications of our customers. For expert welding services in Douala, don’t hesitate to get I touch with Agape Construction and Inter-Maritime Services. Our office and welding workshop is located at Yato, along the Tiko – Douala road.

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For more information about our industrial welding services, metal works, installation and maintenance services, you can contact us using:

P.O Box 12270 Douala, Cameroon
+237 675 703 848 / +237 333 947 10 | Fax: +237 333 947 10 | info@agapeships.com | agapeconstruction1@yahoo.com

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