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June 30, 2020
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Agape Oilfield Fabrication & Welding Services

Agape Welding Services offers oilfield fabrication and custom welding services for the oil and gas industry in Cameroon and the entire Gulf of Guinea Region.

Oilfield fabrication requirements

Welding requirements in the Oil and Gas Offshore industry is something very critical and should be done with utmost care following all safety rules. Our team of highly specialized and certified welders are aware of the critical nature of welding requirements. See Agape Offshore Welding Service

The welding team at Agape are well-informed of the toughness requirements when it comes to extremely thick components and precision welding using alloy consumables for cladding especially in highly corrosive environments.


Safety is especially very important when it comes to oilfield fabrication or operations in the oilfield and rigs. A lot of flammable materials like oil, hydrogen sulfide, natural gas and other flammable materials are available on site.

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In such a case, it poses a lot of risks of explosions or fires when grinding, cutting or welding. The workers on the platform are also at risk of injuries and illnesses that could arise from breathing natural gas, hydrogen sulfide or fumes from welding; toxic spills, structural collapse or falling objects and also tripping and falling.

For us to carry out our oilfield fabrication and welding services with little worries, Agape Welding Services makes sure that individual welders follow proper safety standards to avoid liability and preserve the company’s reputation.

Our team

With our many years of experience, Agape Oilfield Fabrication and Welding Services offers quality shipboard alterations and installations. We have highly qualified technicians in oilfield fabrication, pipe fitting, structural fabrication and cable installation standards.

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What we offer

We offer offshore fabrication services to our clients like cargo boxes, rig modification and upgrades, completing baskets, custom-made mud tanks, etc. We also specialize in offshore barge repairs, stand pipes and offshore barge repairs and other custom welding services.

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