Number 1 Boilermaker in Cameroon

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Number 1 Boilermaker in Cameroon


Agape Construction & Inter-Maritime Services Ltd, ACIMS, is a high-quality and innovative manufacturer of boilers and other auxiliary products. We have made name as the number 1 boilermaker in Cameroon, developing superior solutions as per our clients requirements.

We manufacture, design, engineer gas, coal, oil, wood, waste, biomass, solid and hybrid fuel-fired hot water and industrial steam boilers. An early dedication to lean principles have allowed Agape Construction and Inter-Maritime Services to grow its product in the market without compromising its integrity and product quality.

We have built our reputation on ensuring that the products we manufacture exceeds our customer’s expectations and requirements. Rest assured, our engineers and technicians are not just good enough, but the best you can find in the sector.

ACIMS manufactures custom-made engineered packaged boilers and boiler systems that have fully integrated automated PLC boiler controls. Our engineers are committed to innovation and dedicated to developing innovative solutions to meet the needs and requirements of our customers who are our great partners.

Industrial boilers in particular, must be built with materials that can withstand stress during industrial operations in which they are used. This is why most industrial boilers are constructed using steel so they can contain high internal pressures without fracturing or becoming deformed. Our team at Agape Construction & Inter-Maritime Services have maintained a list of standard equipment to make every boiler unit the perfect match to our customer’s and site requirements.

Our commitment to vertical integration makes Agape Construction & Inter-Maritime Services a one-stop shop and manufacturer boilers in Cameroon and the entire Central Africa Region. Every boiler constructed by ACIMS is put to test to make sure that its performance and quality have been met as per the customer’s requirements.

This allows our customers to personally see how their boiler is in operation before it is shipped to their destination, to prove its design and performance. Our customers have a peace of mind knowing that their boilers will reach their final location operationally ready to carry out the operations they were designed and constructed to do.

Image credit: Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

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