Offshore Welding Jobs

welding jobs
8 types of welding jobs in Cameroon
August 26, 2020
welding jobs
Offshore Welding Jobs in Cameroon, Careers & Apprenticeship
September 6, 2020

Offshore Welding Jobs

offshore welding jobs

Take the next step in your career with Agape Construction and Inter-Maritime Services by getting rewarding offshore welding jobs in the energy sector. ACIMS is not only specialized in recruiting highly qualified welders for its clients, but help qualified candidates find welding jobs in oil and gas companies in the Cameroon and the entire Gulf of Guinea area.

We also offer welding training, apprenticeship and refresher courses in our Welding Institute for those who want to upgrade their skills.

We provide tailored offshore recruitment services and are able to supply complete teams or individuals capable of working offshore. We make sure the worker or team of workers meet the requirements of our client in a professional and cost-effective manner.

Offshore welding jobs are highly specialized and a wide variety of temporal and permanent positions are available. Offshore welding jobs can be on platforms and pipelines to underwater welding and welding inspectors.

We have trained experienced welders who play a very crucial role on offshore rigs. These positions they are offered come with attractive compensation packages.

Agape Construction & Inter-maritime Services has always met the demands of its clients by recruiting the right welders for offshore welding jobs, regardless of the area of expertise they need. So if you are a welder with unique skills, we can help you find a job that matches your skills.

What makes ACIMS the best recruiter for offshore welding jobs?

Agape Construction & Inter-Maritime Services have been experts in the offshore sector for a very long time, working closely with big names in the oil & gas as well as energy industry in Cameroon and the Gulf of Guinea. We been offering vessel charter, marine and civil engineering, heavy equipment repairs and maintenance, offshore support and equipment supply, industiral welding services and consultancy, personnel sourcing and outsourcing services.

We have delivered contract staffing solutions offshore on petroleum platforms, on vessels and on construction sites in Cameroon. We have over 10 years of operations in the oil and gas sector in the West, Central and Southern Africa, where we have placed technical engineers and welders onto offshore projects.

We have supplied highly skilled offshore engineers, welders, trade and logistics personnel in offshore construction, completions, hook-up and commissioning, de-commissioning, operations and maintenance.

We work closely with our clients to respond to the ever-changing demands in oil and gas sector. We have always made sure our clients efficiently scale their manpower up or down with our first-class services.

What do we do at Agape Construction & Inter-Maritime Services?

1. We help our clients manage their offshore recruitment needs

While we take care of our clients workforce logistics, they can concentrate on other businesses at hand. We are the solution to our client’s contract staffing needs. Our customized solutions enable our clients to outsource part or all of their recruitment needs to us.

2. We help candidates find an offshore job

As for those seeking offshore jobs in Cameroon, our consultants provide them with expert industry advise related to the chosen field. You may also consider acquiring training in the case of welders in our Welding Institute.

Relocating for offshore welding jobs can be daunting. This is why our experts go beyond traditional recruitment as we support our candidates during their mobilization process, assignment and repatriation.

Our candidates are rest assured they will be looked after. We help them obtain visas and work permits as well as manage their transport and organize temporary accommodation throughout the rotation pattern.

At Agape Construction & Inter-Maritime Services, we help our technical personnel to advance their career in the energy sector.

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