About us

Who we are

ACIMS is a the number one maritime solutions and construction engineering provider to government, businesses and shipping companies around the Gulf of Guinea zone (covering West Africa and Central Africa) and Southern Africa. For the past years, our portfolio has expanded greatly. It includes Management and ownership of vessels, sourcing and outsourcing of offshore and onshore renewables and personnel, vessel chartering, marine services, civil engineering and consultancy services. Our highest obligation remains global maritime excellence since we started.

What we do

We do our best to provide to our customers the highest level of service. Safety and environmental protection is a core to our business to ensure that it isn't compromised. Our reputation is leveled on the high performance of our fleet and related services. Our priority is Safety and environmental protection as we strive to attain our objectives. Our chartering network covers all ports in West, Central and Southern Africa. We also assist our clients to find vessels to cater for the needs of other vessels (RoRo, Project, Break-bulk cargoes, Heavy Lift) through normal brokerage channels. We provide logistics like steel pipes, rig legs, cables, cranes, excavators and other heavy machinery. Handling many different industries means we have to develop solutions depending on the cargo to be moved.

And more...

What we are good at

- Achieve our objectives with absolute regard for safety & environmental protection

- Carry out business ethically

- People first, personnel development and success reward

- Communication is prime

- Performance: We deliver excellence

- Integrity – We do what is right

- Responsibility: We honor our commitments and care for our people and the environment

- Respect – We value and respect each other