Marine & Civil Engineering

Our team integrates civil and marine engineering with environmental permitting, wastewater treatment plant operation and maintenance.

Our technical expertise and excellence gives brands us with the necessary skills to evaluate existing conditions, carry out feasibility studies, plan, budget, design and construction management to a wide range of projects.

The cordial relationship that exists between the local state authorities and agencies helps us in the efficiently processing the necessary documents, licenses or permits needed. We are always dedicated to tailor our services to each of our customer's needs.

  • At Agape Construction & Inter Maritime Services, our highly qualified engineers are specialists in electrical, hydraulic and mechanical solutions.
  • Our engineers can design, manufacture, maintain and service a vast range of marine and civil engineering equipment to meet the needs of our clients.
  • We provide services on cranes, power packs, oil rig cranes, winches, hydraulic filtration, pumps, diesel power packs, deck and lifting equipment, mobile cranes, etc.
  • We plan, design, construct and maintain physical and naturally built environment like roads, canals, bridges, sewerage systems, buildings, airports, railways etc.