Vessel Charter

We are engaged in various types of charter all types of commodities. We arrange for our clients various sizes of vessels for efficient & effective transportation. ACIMS has experience in helping you to charter vessels. We provide vessel chartering services for routes covered by commercial liners.

We also provide charter for cargo that can't be accommodated on conventional services. Our team of experts will secure for you the right type of vessel to meet your needs.

The vessels van vary in size as well as have different capabilities. We access to a network of vessels like Dry Cargo vessels, Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Hovercraft, etc.

  • Our chartering agents have a great knowledge about vessels. They will always get the best vessel that matches your any assignment and cargo type.
  • We have highly qualified agents in the West and Central African Ports that share experience with each to provide you with the best services at all times.
  • We have years of experience negotiating contracts with shipping lines all over the world. Be rest assured of getting the best solutions.
  • Heavy items usually needs to be transported for offshore works, oil, gas and Industrial projects. We assist you find the right vessel for your projects.