8 types of welding jobs in Cameroon

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August 19, 2020
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Offshore Welding Jobs
September 2, 2020

8 types of welding jobs in Cameroon

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If you have been planning to take a career in welding, then it is necessary for you to know the various welding jobs available. Welding as you know is joining two or more metals together using pressure and intense heat.

Taking a career in welding lets you have may opportunities to choose from in different industries. Let’s share with you a list of some welding jobs you can find in Cameroon and their duties.

Before we go ahead, let us see what it takes to become a professional welder. As cited in offshore welding jobs, apprenticeship and careers, “Welding jobs may require long periods of specialized training and apprenticeship.”

The educational requirements for welding may vary from one employer to the other. Some employers may ask you for diplomas, undergraduate degree, certification or additional training. Others may only require you to pass an employer-based test.

However, most employers will require that you have a welding certificate issued by an authorized body which will issue you a Certified Welder certificate after completion. Agape Professional Training Center is one of such authorized training institutions that offers training courses in welding and boilermaking in Cameroon. APTC is the brainchild of Agape Construction and Inter-Maritime Services which offers a wide range of industrial welding services both onshore and offshore.

The center trains and tests welders on the procedures used in sheet metal, boilermaking, structural steel, chemical refinery and petroleum pipeline industries. Let’s see a list of welding jobs to consider before taking a career in welding.

1. MIG welder

The main duties of a MIG welder is to measure, cut and put together pieces of metal. The assembling of the pieces of metal is done using an electric arc and inert gas.

2. Welding & Fabrication

Their main duty is to design, cut and shape metal. They evaluate drawings, analyze diagrams and cut metals accordingly.

3. Welding inspector

Their duty is to ensure that welding and welding-related activities follow the norms and comply with quality and safety criteria. They verify that the material used is correct, monitor repair works to ensure they accord with procedures, watch the weather and make all welds are marked and identified.

4. Sheet metal worker

One of the most common welding jobs in Cameroon, sheet metal workers fabricate, install and maintain thin sheet metal products. The assemble and weld thin sheet metals, fasten metal seams and bolting materials together.

5. Oil rig welder

These are responsible for the construction, maintenance and repair of rig structures. Their primary duties include carrying out routine repairs, constructing new metalwork, bonding metals to create beams and vessels and making sure welding equipment is used, stored and maintained properly.

7. Industrial boilermaker

They’re in charged of fabricating and installing large containers that hold liquids such as oil and gases.

8. Auto-body welder

They are welders or technicians that repair and carry out refinishing of automotive vehicle bodies. They also straighten vehicle frames. They are usually called in Cameroon as panel-beaters. They remove damaged vehicle parts and install the replacement using a welding machine.

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